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G'day...on this page I have included links to various sites to places we have visited during our stay in the U.S.A or places we have been told about. I hope you gain the educational value from visiting these sites. Click on the link to the right of the site information.
Heatherman Lodge (Vancouver, Washington State) This is where we stayed for the first few days of our trip. Brett did his thing and I did the sight seeing tourist bit. Overcast and rainy. [Back to albums]
Pioneer Courthouse Square Located in the heart of downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square is affectionately known as the City's "living room." With more than 26,000 people passing by the Square each day, and thousands more visiting the Square directly, it is the single most visited site in Oregon's most visited city.

The Square is one of Portland's leading outdoor venues, hosting over 300 events each year that range from large-scale concerts to cultural festivals. The Square is a true symbol of Portland with its bricks symbolizing the people that make Portland such an extraordinary city.  [Back to albums]
Portlandia Portlandia is a sculpture by Raymond Kaskey located above the entrance of Michael Graves' Portland Building in downtown Portland, Oregon at 1120 SW 5th Avenue. It is the second-largest copper repoussť statue in the United States, after the Statue of Liberty. [Back to albums]
Three Groins in the Fountain in downtown Portland, by the Standard Insurance Building (formerly the Georgia-Pacific Building), is a white sculpture of oddly obscene porportions! It is titled "The Quest" and was created by Count Alexander von Svoboda in 1970.[Back to albums]
Spectral Light Dome To see James Carpenter's "Spectral Light Dome" is to experience a dazzling display of colors spanning the spectrum and to witness the vision of an award-winning artist. Located 75 feet above Antoinette Hatfield Hall's Rotunda lobby, this 30 foot hemispherical dome is composed of over 500 strips of dichroic glass held in place by metal clips which suspend them in a dome-shaped grid.

The specially treated glass refracts light in colors ranging from pink to turquoise, depending on the angle at which light passes through it. When backlit, the glass will look pink shading to blue. When lit from below, light that reflects off the mirrored inner surface will pick up a gold color, resembling that of the brass fixtures used extensively throughout the building.

The glass strips, approximately three inches wide and 5 to 6 feet in length and layered up to three deep, follow the curvature of the dome. A 5-foot opening, which Carpenter calls an "oculus," is the center focus of the dome and gives the viewer "a sense of particles spinning in a circular motion."

Since its completion, the "Spectral Light Dome" has been featured in Progressive Architecture, one of America's most prestigious architectural magazines, and helped Carpenter garner "National Finalist" status for engineering excellence by the American Consulting Engineers Council. [Back to albums]
Mago Hermano,A Sculpture by Alejandro Colunga. A Gift from the City of Guadalajara to the City of Portland Mago Hermano, made of bronze weighing 700 kilos, stands 10- feet high, three-feet wide, and three-feet deep. The sculpture is of a tall man whose body also serves as a functional bench.[Back to albums]
Benson Bubblers, Benson Bubblers are Portland's iconic drinking fountains. The city currently boasts 52 of the fountains and 74 one-bowl variations. Though the single-bowl variations look like Benson Bubblers, they are not. In fact, in the 1970's, the Benson family asked that the installation of the four-bowl fountains be limited to certain downtown boundaries so as not to diminish the uniqueness of them. [Back to albums]
Cast Iron Buildings This exhibit tells the story of Portlandís rich cast iron history, and the local industries that developed to support it. Rare and beautiful cast iron artifacts salvaged by Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan and others will be exhibited in the context of the buildings they originally adorned. [Back to albums]
Voodoo Donuts Kenneth "Cat Daddy" Pogson and Tres Shannon have been friends for awhile. They always wanted to start a business together. Something that would fit into an extraordinary Portland business climate. Something fun, different, and one for the ages. After much searching under rocks, tequilas, and women's blouses, they found what they were looking for... doughnuts!! [Back to albums]
tromp l'oeil murals The eight-story-high mural was painted in 1989 by Richard Haas on the 1923 building, originally the Sovereign Hotel. The muralís trompe líoeil perspective depicts members of the Lewis and Clark expedition. [Back to albums]
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